WE CAN’T WEIGHT – A man on a mission

Legacy Foundation President Jonathan F. Smith plans to lose 100 pounds in a campaign to demonstrate to youth how to be healthy, raise awareness about the troubles facing inner city youth. After leaving his job of 20 years Jonathan has decided to dedicate his life to saving kids. The organization that he founded L.E.G.A.C.Y stands for Leadership Empowerment Growth Achievement Comes from our Youth is working to develop programs to address the problems of illiteracy, youth violence and childhood obesity.

On December 7, LEGACY launched “WE CAN’T WEIGHT” campaign which starts with Mr. Smith raising funds by accepting dollar donations for each pound he loses which and ends with the LEGACY 10K/5K run where runners can join the campaign in a run to save kids. Mr. Smith started this effort because “. “In Kansas City we recently had six youth murdered in a span of six hours and no one is presenting any solutions. My goal is to bring attention to the increasing problems of our youth and garner support for solutions. We can’t wait to save our youth.” Jonathan will be documenting his journey on the LEGACY website www.ourlegacyfoundation.org, on twitter @onemillionkids and on Facebook.

LEGACY will use the proceeds from this campaign and 10K to benefit its mentoring and tutoring program with PACE (Wyandotte Mental Health) and LEGACY’s 2012 summer program, which has an initiative of keeping at least 100 disadvantaged youth out of harm’s way during peak violence and criminal hours. The summer program will teach the children about literacy, obesity, financial literacy, as well as prepare them for the upcoming school year.