Join in the challenge by creating your own page. Have your family and friends donate based on your weight loss. The dollar amounts can be based off your per pound loss or use your imagination. The goal is to raise proceeds for LEGACY’s programs: Mentoring/tutoring with PACES (Wyandotte Mental Health), LEGACY’s 2012 Summer program (which has an initiative of keeping at least 100 disadvantaged youth out of harm’s way during peak violence and criminal hours), and LEGACY’s 36 week program. Both of these programs will teach children about literacy, obesity, financial literacy, business/school etiquette, college preparation, and much more.

How to join the cause and raise funds:

1. Click on the yellow “Donate” link top right corner

2. Click the “Supporter signup” link

3. Fill in your first name, last name, email address, and create a Fundly password

4. Click on “register” button

5. On the Search for your cause screen type – LEGACY FOUNDATION

6. When Legacy Foundation We Can’t Weight ™ appears click on the Legacy’s hyperlink

7. Under the personal appeal section, you can provide your personal message as it relates to raising funds for the Legacy Foundation. Please don’t forget to mention some of Legacy’s mentoring programs which include: tutoring, mentoring, college preparation and much more.

8. Under personal fund raising goal you can set your personal goal for the amount that you want to raise for Legacy’s programs

9. Click the save and finish button

10. Now you are ready to collect funds, please share with all of your social networks, facebook , twitter, email, etc. You can also add a profile picture of your choice.

How to donate to the campaign without joining

1. Click the “we can’t wait to donate” link

2. Select the amount you would like to donate

3. Please share with your social network, Facebook, twitter, etc.