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Donors for We Can’t Weight To Give Back

Pictures from WE CAN’T WEIGHT Event

LEGACY Foundation President Jonathan F. Smith attempted lose 100 pounds in a campaign to demonstrate to youth how to be healthy, raise awareness about the troubles facing inner city youth.

On Saturday, September 29, LEGACY hosted a Zumba-a-thon as a back-to-school event, suppling close to 1,100 students with backpacks and school supplies. Students visited the University Of Missouri -Kansas City (UMKC) campus for a Zumba-a-thon.

We believe that in order to promote a healthier society that we have to put our children in a position where they are equipped with options to live a healthier lifestyle. While the students are working out, their parents received information on UMKC, organizations that offer tutoring programs and also get a tour of the university campus. The parents and students also received information and instruction on health/wellness activities, such as how to shop for healthy foods, cook healthy and exercise suggestions. Students also received information on conflict resolution.

The students from our summer youth arts/theater program put on a showcase that culminated a full day of activities promoting youth literacy, tackling the issue of childhood obesity and deterring youth violence.