The stage play “The Choice Is Yours” is coming to Kansas City April 6th and
7th at Paseo High School! Please come out and support! Part of the proceeds
from the play will be donated to LEGACY Foundation if purchased directly
from LEGACY. Also TG2 is partnering with LEGACY for our Urban Theatre
program. This is one reason why the play is being performed at Paseo High
School. By supporting this play you are supporting LEGACY and our goal in
helping our youth.

Overview of LEGACY’s Urban Theater Program

LEGACY’s Urban Theater Program is a production course designed to equip
students with the skills necessary to a put on a full production. LEGACY
students will complete modules in subjects such as drama, comedy, set
design, costume design, community service, civic engagement, and lifestyle
choices. LEGACY’s Urban Theater Program will give students a unique
opportunity to obtain advice and assistance from LEGACY staff and volunteers
as well as guest speakers and presenters who are highly respected in the
arts. We will use the some of the same concepts from the Leadership program.
The students will have an end of year performance. During the summer months
the students will travel with the play and visit educational sites.

Purchase tickets or make donation