The  mission of LEGACY (Leadership Empowerment Growth Achievement Comes from our Youth) is to teach urban youth how to handle the responsibilities of being an effective leader in church, family, school, community, and corporat

June’s Student of the Month is Kharrington DeBose.  She will be a sophomore at Olathe Northwest High School.  She is currently part of the e-Communication in the 21st Century Program.  e-Communication is an Olathe Northwest High School 21st Century program, empowering emerging media creators, writers, designers, film makers, animators, and editors to work every day on countless media projects.  Surrounded by a unique educational setting, incorporating real world experie by providing them with the resources and life skills needed to be a leader of today and well into the future.

ences designed to reflect the needs of the entertainment, media and arts industries through an innovative learning environment that is both an immersion and project based, students are encouraged to explore their creativity and artistic passion through our fundamental goal of uniting art and technology.

Kharrington has volunteered as a tutor for LEGACY during the school year.  This year she will be a participant in the Summer Arts/Theater Program.  She has tutored children up to the 11th grade level.

Outside of LEGACY, Kharrington writes short stories, draws extensively, played the violin for 5 years, sings, and she has taught herself how to play the ukulele.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves to go to concerts, make videos, and listening to music.

Kharrington wants to be a film director.  She also has an interest in writing screen plays and producing movies.  Kharrington feels like LEGACY has given her a chance to develop her patience and understanding when tutoring others.  She is looking forward to the new experiences that LEGACY will provide her.