One of the most popular sayings among kids these days is the abbreviated phrasing of “Oh My Gosh” or OMG. It’s everywhere. In conversation, in text messages, in tweets on Facebook. Any time someone wants to emote or express excitement, “OMG” is often the tag they use.  It’s become so entrenched in society that even pop star Usher has made a single around the acronym.

Well, at LEGACY, we want to progress a few letters in the alphabet and put a new spin on OMG with our OMK movement. OMK is an acronym for One Million Kids, and the idea behind the movement is to get adults such as yourself involved in the lives of kids who need guidance and positive influences.

We’re talking about finding a kid to mentor (maybe some kid in your neighborhood), donating to an organization that helps kids (such as LEGACY) and/or joining an organization that reaches out to children (such as Big Brothers Big Sisters).

But we don’t want to stop there. We don’t want to this movement be something where you take a kid out for ice cream, and that’s all of the interaction you have with him or her. No, we want you to truly be engaged in this
child’s life. If the child is a teen, talk to him or her about the importance of their education and start to explore the different options
that are out there beyond high school.

Taking them out on various bonding activities is fine, but we want you to be sure that you’re helping to instill in them the values and knowhow to succeed in this daunting world.

We’d like for you to join our movement by following @onemillionkids onTwitter and on Facebook (Link these two please) and by using the hashtags #OMK and #onemillionkids when you tweet or update a Facebook status about mentoring kids. That way, we can keep a running log of who’s reaching out to kids and how.

#OMK, that seems like such a great idea!