LEGACY’s Arts/Theater Youth Program is a production course designed to equip students, ages 11 -18,  with the skills necessary to put on a full production.  LEGACY students will complete modules in subjects such as drama, comedy, set design, costume design, community service, civic engagement, and lifestyle choices. LEGACY’s Arts/Theater Youth Program will give students a unique opportunity to obtain advice and assistance from LEGACY staff and volunteers as well as guest speakers and presenters who are highly respected in the arts.  We will use some of the same concepts from the Leadership program. The students will have an end of summer performance.

If you have any questions please email arts@ourlegacyfoundation.org

Youth Poet of the Month

“Complexity of?”

In a bed of dreams I see reality

The actuality in fiction is a reflection of self

The deep unknowing, knows more about thee then thy self

A dream within a dream to change truth

Like a domino effect of emotion and mind

Trying to alter as we see fit to nature

But truly altering themselves to fit into the creation that they made

It is said that the blind knows more about beauty, than the ones who see it without admirations for it.

So to look without simply seeing is simply un factual thought

Connections by a single strand of string only to break and reform anew

With change comes alterations

So what’ s changing to be known, just to stop knowing the beginning at all

And does not knowing the beginning change the future of self

Truth is now lies, of story’s to be told

Another outcome another plan to be unfold

Answers unknown

Numbers, actions, and thoughts racing

Trying understand if what thy am is a figment of imagination

So I ask you what am I to you?

                                                              By: Tiandra’dawn Maria Davis